The McCall Centre for Continuing Care


Dear Jay Scull and McCall Staff,

My wife, Maria, and I, Brad, would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to the staff at the McCall Centre for Continuing Care, for their dedication and professionalism in looking after my father, Jack. We applaud all the people for all of their tireless efforts in giving my dad the time required for his betterment.

We would like to thank Dr. Soboloff for filling out my dad’s disability claim form, keeping and monitoring his meds, as well as continued monitoring for all of Jack’s medical needs while at the Centre.

We want to thank the nursing staff (Mariedel and the nurses ) who always greeted us with smiles and were always ready to put things aside to address ours or my father’s concerns.

As for the PSW staff, their job does not go unnoticed. It is they who always look out for the safety of the patients and are summoned to do all sorts of helpful tasks. Seeku Marie (PSW) who looked after my dad in the early stages of his rehab, would tell me that it was a pleasure to work with Jack. I am sure he feels the same about Seeku Marie!

I would like to extend a special thanks to the following people who I got to know a little better over the course of my dad’s stay.

Gemma, the Discharge, Planner, who always kept us informed regarding my dad’s needs and allowing the time for family input, and always leaving her door open, for any questions we had. A Job, well done, Gemma (keep smiling)

As for the Physiotherapy staff, a thanks to all. However I would like to extend my appreciation to Sarah. A master, at building my dad’s strength back up. Not too much got past Sarah. I am sure Sarah had to give my dad a nudge once in a while to wake him and tell him 3 more repetitions Jack, as he gave her a smile and a wink. Sarah did a great job!

Thank you to Rosalyn, the O.T. Specialist, who recognized my dad’s needs and addressed them to us in a professional manner. Rosalyn, your input is greatly appreciated. By the way Rosalyn, my dad knows you are correct, and appreciates you, too.

It takes special people to work with patients with high needs, and the team at the McCall Centre are just that, “Special”

It has been a pleasure to know all and my dad sends his gratitude to the staff as he scoots by in his wheelchair with a smile on his face and thumb in the air.

Please accept the donation of appreciation, submitted to your directors office. Hopefully it will be put towards your next “Staff Appreciation Day”. Enjoy the chocolates everyone.

God Bless all,

Brad and Maria