The McCall Centre for Continuing Care

Order Sets

The McCall Centre patient demographics have slowly changed over the past few years. The McCall Centre is admitting less and less Complex Care Patients and has a steady increase in Palliative Care, Short Stay Orthopedic and Medical Admissions.

Because of the increased changes in the types of patients being admitted, The McCall Centre has had to adopt the type of skills, training and care services being provided to meet the needs of these patients.

In 2012, The McCall Centre introduced Order Sets to facilitate best practice and medical management for our complex care, palliative and long term care patients and residents.

McCall Centre is committed to meet the ever changing needs of our community.

Falls Prevention- Falling Star Program

To better deal with falls and falls prevention at McCall, a Falls Prevention committee was formed. The purpose of this committee is to develop and improve falls management techniques as well as introducing the Falls Prevention Program. Nursing units are using a Falls Risk Assessment and Intervention Tool to indicate risk factors present and possible intervention choices. Multi-disciplinary discussions are also in place to discuss and implement any needed safety measures. Staff are in-serviced on the assessment tool and the Falling Star Program.

The purpose is to provide staff with the best practice to implement standard procedures in identifying patients and residents with impaired mobility and risk of falls. It is designed to increase awareness for all staff, volunteers and families when a patient or resident is identified as a frequent faller. A falling star symbol is placed on the patient’s or resident’s chart, transfer logo, wheelchair, and walker as well as on name plate outside the patient’s or resident’s door.

The success of this program is measures by the positive resolutions in safety precautions and the decrease I the number of patient/resident falls.